All About Graduation

Last week was such a whirlwind- I started a new job, and I graduated high school! The days leading up to graduation were hectic, but in the end, it was all worth it.

After a week of rehearsals and senior activities, we arrived at school on Friday around 4:30 to prepare to receive our diplomas. I wore this white dress from Abercrombie (fun fact- I also wore A&F to my eighth grade graduation!) This dress combined three of spring's biggest trends- one sleeves, eyelet, and ruffles!


Inside the school, it was painfully hot- especially in our black robes. Luckily, it was breezy and comfortable outside, so the ceremony went off without a hitch. It was a beautiful night filled with laughs, tears, and great memories. One particularly special moment was when the choir sang, "Let It Be"- it was completely acapella!

I couldn't have asked for a better way to end my high school career. Each graduate received a sunflower as a reminder to, just as the flower turns to the sun, to turn to God as we continue to grow.



After the ceremony, my family and I went home and ordered pizza while watching the (rather unfortunate) Celtics game. Next week, I will be having a party with lots of my family and friends, and I can't wait!

Breakout Summer Beauty

The summertime is a major time for new beauty finds to drop. Today I checked the Sephora website, and I found some interesting new arrivals that I'm going to share my first impressions of today.

1. Milk Makeup Matcha Toner: The matcha tea hype has been everywhere the past few months, and obviously, it's making its way into the beauty world. This product is similar in form to Milk's Cooling Water. The toner is described as being good for any skin type, but works to cleanse and tighten pores. If it's anything like the Cooling Water, it will be a great hot day refresher for under your makeup!

2. Kat Von D Lock It Blotting Powder: A new addition to Kat's "Lock It" collection, this powder comes in four shades. Sephora recommends pairing it with the Lock It setting spray, which is also a fairly new product. Kat Von D is a beauty powerhouse, so this product will definitely be a summer hit.

3. Pretty Vulgar Makeup: A new brand I've spotted all over the Sephora website is Pretty Vulgar. On their Sephora page, the brand's goal is for the customer, "to embrace the shades of your uniqueness." Their packaging has an interesting Lolita-esque aesthetic, and their nail polish has gotten rave reviews- I'm sure this brand will become a new favorite among the beauty world.

4. Kat Von D Everlasting Lip Liner: Huge news, you guys- Kat Von D has released lip liners! With the success of her liquid lipstick collection, the liners include favorite shades such as "Bow N Arrow," "Lolita," and "Vampira." I'll definitely be picking up "Lolita"!

What new products are you anxious to try? Leave me some recommendations!

Spring/Summer Gym Routine

With school winding down, I've found a lot more time to go to the gym. I've finally found a regiment that keeps me in shape and is also fun to do. As a dancer, a lot of my focus is on strengthening my core, shoulders and arms, while maintaining my strong legs. 

(Disclaimer- I'm not a doctor or personal trainer! If you try this regiment, take it at your own pace and stop if anything starts to hurt.)

A friendly reminder- always stretch before beginning your workout! I typically stick to my splits, although recently I've been trying some yoga poses to work on balance. It's really up to you- there's so many options!

What's your favorite way to exercise?

Springtime in Lilly

Back in January, I posted about my experience shopping the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale for the first time. Since springtime is finally here, and summer is on the horizon, I wore this dress that I purchased for my sister's confirmation.

It was such a special day, since I was my sister's confirmation sponsor. After mass, we celebrated with our family and friends at home, along with some good food and particularly delicious cannolis.

Unfortunately, my dress is no longer available in this pattern. However, I've linked some cute alternatives from Lilly below!

My Everyday Makeup Look

I must admit, I am a bit of a makeup junkie. I really enjoy trying out new looks and products, although there are a few items I will always stay true to. For today's post, I'm going to share with you my go to look for school, dance rehearsal, and other everyday tasks. 

Face: After washing and moisturizing my face, I typically prime my skin with the Too Faced Hangover primer. It's light on your skin and it smells lovely! As far as foundation goes, I've been using the Mary Kay Timewise foundation in the shade Ivory 5. To conceal any blemishes or dark under eye circles, I either use the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer or the Hard Candy Glamoflauge. To set my face, I use the Elf Cosmetics HD Translucent Powder- it's only $6, but it works like a charm!

Brows/Eyes: I cannot live without my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow pomade. It's $18, and it lasts for ages! I use the shade "Chocolate". When I'm in a rush, I do a simple eye look with the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette, which is perfect for a nice smokey eye or no-makeup look. You'll almost never catch me without winged eyeliner, and Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner is my love. Most days, I wear natural looking false lashes as well.

Lips: An old favorite that I've began obsessing over again lately is MAC's lip color, "Brave". It's neutral enough for everyday, but colorful enough to add a pop of pink to your look. Before applying, I usually line my lips with MAC's liner "Edge to Edge".

What are your favorite everyday makeup products?

The Perfect Senior Year Playlist

Graduation is so close, I can hardly wait! I love music, especially putting together playlists for special events. As a senior with less than a week of actual school left, these are the songs that have been inspiring me lately.

My first senior event is a college sweatshirt day, where everyone wears their college gear. I can't wait to rock my sweatshirt and see where my classmates will be heading in the fall. Another big event I'm looking forward to is our class luau, where we'll get our superlatives. If you're graduating, what events are you looking forward to?

Easter 2017

I had so much fun this Easter. Maybe it was the sweet treats, the eighty degree weather, or seeing bunnies in my backyard, but this year might be one of my favorite Easters yet. We started the day with morning mass, and then went back to the house for brunch.

A couple of surprises from Mom and Dad!

A couple of surprises from Mom and Dad!

My Easter dress is from Francesca's (fun fact- I was almost going to be named Francesca!) I fell in love with the pink lace, and the off the shoulder style is so on trend right now! Plus, the dress was the perfect length. Usually, I have to wear heels with short dresses so my legs don't look short, but this dress was perfect with flats!



Necklace (I got this in a Fab Fit Fun box!)

How did you spend your Easter Sunday?

Recent Purchases

My deepest apologies for the slowness of my blog lately. School, dance, and life in general is kicking up right about now. Although, with summer on the way, new fashion and beauty products are popping up everywhere. I've gotten a couple new items that will be perfect for summer, and I decided to share some of those today. 

White Tank Top: I'm always on the hunt for a good basic piece. This Topshop blouse is pretty and versatile! I'd definitely style it with some nice jeans and a cool statement necklace.

Beauty Blender: Beauty Blenders and I have had an interesting relationship. Usually I get one, use it for a couple weeks, and then I start hating how it makes my makeup look. However, the Beauty Blender Pro doesn't stain as easily as the pink one, and it's more durable- making it less likely to tear.

Seersucker Dress: I fell in love with this dress after seeing it on Caitlin's blog. Seersucker is a preppy wardrobe essential, and this dress is in a classic blue combined with this season's off the shoulder trend.

Bondi Sands Spray: This might be my new favorite self tanner. It's dark enough to give you noticeable color, but won't make you turn orange. Plus, it smells ah-mazing. 

Have you started shopping for the upcoming season?

Graduation Gift Guide

Spring is upon us, which means lots of hardworking seniors will receive their diplomas very soon. Today, I put together a collection of super cute items that would be perfect for the grad in your life. 

Are you graduating, or do you know anyone who is?

What I Pack For Competition Weekend

Last weekend was my first dance competition of the season, and it went really well! For today's post, I decided to share some of my essentials for competition weekend- from makeup products and hair accessories to snacks and other odds and ends.


Hairspray: All my fellow dancers know the importance of a good hairspray. There's something so satisfying about spraying down flyaways to make the perfect bun or ponytail. I love this spray by Tresemme.

Lipstick: I usually choose a different red lipstick each competition. For this weekend, I wore "Como la Flor" from the MAC and Selena collaboration. It is bright and glossy- perfect for being onstage.

False Lashes and Lash Glue: As you might know from my previous posts, I love false eyelashes. They are an absolute essential for any type of performance. Huda Beauty's classic lash in "Scarlett" looks gorgeous in performance action shots, and Duo lash glue ensures they won't fall off while you're killing it onstage.

Makeup Wipes- Stage makeup can do a job on your skin, so washing your face is crucial. Wet N' Wild makeup wipes are less than $3 at Target, and they get the job done!

Eyeshadow- Most dancers prefer different eye looks when they're onstage. I usually go for a classic smokey eye, and the Naked Basics palette by Urban Decay is a true gem. Not only are they super pigmented and easy to blend, the palette is perfect to pack in a travel sized makeup bag.

Snacks- I always keep a sleeve of Ritz crackers in my competition suitcase, since venues often jack up the price of food during events. As a little treat, I also keep a container of Ring Pops to share with my teammates after we're all done performing!

Are you a dancer/performer? What do you like to have on performance days?

How to Get Free Preppy Stickers!

Like many bloggers, I kind of have a thing for stickers- especially if they're free. For today's post, I've compiled a list of companies that you can contact for free stickers!

Vineyard Vines - Email and ask for a sticker. Make sure to include your address!

Sperry- Fill out their contact form and ask for stickers (include your address!) They got back to me quickly, and sent me two stickers within a week!

Southern Tide- Fill out the form to receive further instructions.

Lauren James- Submit their form and keep an eye on your email- they might send a confirmation.

Southern Marsh- Fill out their sticker form- you get to choose which color you like. They sent me three!

Jadelynn Brooke- Submit their form, and you'll receive two stickers.

Backcountry- Fill out their form for a cute goat sticker.

Chaco- Fill out their form to receive a lizard sticker.

Patagonia- Make sure to check off sticker request, and then fill out their form.

Bayview Prep- Just fill out their form!

Sloane Ranger- Some of my personal favorites! Although they aren't entirely free (you have to send $1 along with your self addressed stamped envelope) they're so preppy and cute that it was worth it.



Comment below if any of these links don't work. I hope you enjoy your new stickers!








Preppy Style: US vs UK

Via Blind Gossip.

Via Blind Gossip.

It's always been a dream of mine to visit Europe. One place that is a must-see for me is England. It's home to so many fashion superstars, from It Girls like Cara Delevigne and Kate Moss to the ever-so-fabulous Duchess of Cambridge (for those of you who don't follow the royals, that's Kate Middleton's official title!) For today's post, I decided to compare and contrast some of England's preppy trends with America's.

BootsHunter "wellies" as they're called across the pond, have gained popularity here in the States. They come in every color imaginable, and they're perfect for snowy or rainy days. LL Bean boots are super trendy here in New England, and they're so versatile for unpredictable weather. 

Outerwear: Lots of Americans love their North Face jackets for the winter, whether they are nylon or fleece. In the UK, many city and country fashionistas wear Barbour wax jackets that typically come in an army green color. Olivia Palermo pairs hers with a cute belt and neutral handbag.



Via Pinterest.

Via Pinterest.

Casual Wear: Topshop has become a popular brand here in the United States, but it started out in the UK. While some of their clothes are on the pricey side, they make super cute basic pieces that can work with tons of different outfits. Vineyard Vines is worn by lots of American teenagers, and I see lots of similarities in British brand Jack Wills. In both America and England, Missguided is a popular brand that sells pieces to fit any style- it's one of my favorites!


Graduation Looks

I recently checked my calendar, and I have less that 100 days until I officially graduate high school! I can't wait for all the activities and parties, so I gathered some dresses that I think would be perfect for grad season. I plan on wearing white under my cap and gown, but I included some colorful party pieces as well.

Do you know anyone who's graduating this year, or are you graduating yourself?

Concert Tips and Hacks

Hello my lovelies! This past Sunday, I went to Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman tour in Manchester, New Hampshire. It was such an amazing show! I've been to a few concerts in my lifetime, so I've picked up some tips I think would be helpful for anyone who's going to their first concert, or just wants to learn some tricks about making the most of your experience.

1. Dress cute but comfortably. You'll want to be dancing all night long, so you definitely won't want to worry about twisting your ankle in heels. Converse are always my staple for concerts!

2. Signs are tricky. Some venues don't allow signs at concerts- make sure you research the rules of the venue before making an elaborate sign, so you don't get your hard work taken away at security. If signs are allowed, avoid using foul language if it's a show that a lot of younger kids will be going to. (I'm looking at you, Directioners!)


3. Bkstg. It took me a while to figure out what this app was all about, but it's actually really cool. It connects you to exclusive pre sales, merchandise, and content from lots of different artists. Plus, there's message boards to discuss show dates, so you can find out who else is going to the same show as you!

4. Research the set list. Now I know some people like to be surprised, but if you're really anxious to know what songs your favorite artist will be performing, look up the set list on . Set lists do change often, so don't expect the one you find to be the same one you hear at your show.

5. Buy merch online before the show. A lot of artists sell their tour merch on their website. Ordering your souvenirs in advance will save you the stress of waiting behind a crowded table, and you'll be able to wear your new hat or t-shirt during the show!

I hope these tips are helpful! What's your favorite concert you've been to?

My Favorite Falsies

I'm obsessed with false eyelashes. They can completely transform any makeup look, whether glamorous or natural. My favorites are a mix of high end and drugstore lashes that are perfect for all different occasions!

Huda Beauty Classic False Lashes in Claudia

Velour Lashes in Flash It!

Ardell Demi Wispies

Eyelure Volume No. 83

House of Lashes Premium Luxe in Starlet (not pictured)

What are your favorite eyelash brands?

Professional Style

One of my favorite activities at school is Mock Trial. We study a case, and we each take a role. In the winter, we compete against other schools in the form of a real trial. I'm so glad I joined this club- it's basically the reason I got interested in studying pre-law.

Of course, we're encouraged to dress very professionally on trial days. I got my outfit from Express, my go-to for business-chic wear. One cute addition was my cornicello necklace by Bauble Bar. The cornicello is an Italian talisman for good luck, so I knew it was the perfect accessory for our trial.

I love getting to dress up for school!