How to Get Free Preppy Stickers!

Like many bloggers, I kind of have a thing for stickers- especially if they're free. For today's post, I've compiled a list of companies that you can contact for free stickers!

Vineyard Vines - Email and ask for a sticker. Make sure to include your address!

Sperry- Fill out their contact form and ask for stickers (include your address!) They got back to me quickly, and sent me two stickers within a week!

Southern Tide- Fill out the form to receive further instructions.

Lauren James- Submit their form and keep an eye on your email- they might send a confirmation.

Southern Marsh- Fill out their sticker form- you get to choose which color you like. They sent me three!

Jadelynn Brooke- Submit their form, and you'll receive two stickers.

Backcountry- Fill out their form for a cute goat sticker.

Chaco- Fill out their form to receive a lizard sticker.

Patagonia- Make sure to check off sticker request, and then fill out their form.

Bayview Prep- Just fill out their form!

Sloane Ranger- Some of my personal favorites! Although they aren't entirely free (you have to send $1 along with your self addressed stamped envelope) they're so preppy and cute that it was worth it.



Comment below if any of these links don't work. I hope you enjoy your new stickers!