Easter 2017

I had so much fun this Easter. Maybe it was the sweet treats, the eighty degree weather, or seeing bunnies in my backyard, but this year might be one of my favorite Easters yet. We started the day with morning mass, and then went back to the house for brunch.

A couple of surprises from Mom and Dad!

A couple of surprises from Mom and Dad!

My Easter dress is from Francesca's (fun fact- I was almost going to be named Francesca!) I fell in love with the pink lace, and the off the shoulder style is so on trend right now! Plus, the dress was the perfect length. Usually, I have to wear heels with short dresses so my legs don't look short, but this dress was perfect with flats!



Necklace (I got this in a Fab Fit Fun box!)

How did you spend your Easter Sunday?