Recent Purchases

My deepest apologies for the slowness of my blog lately. School, dance, and life in general is kicking up right about now. Although, with summer on the way, new fashion and beauty products are popping up everywhere. I've gotten a couple new items that will be perfect for summer, and I decided to share some of those today. 

White Tank Top: I'm always on the hunt for a good basic piece. This Topshop blouse is pretty and versatile! I'd definitely style it with some nice jeans and a cool statement necklace.

Beauty Blender: Beauty Blenders and I have had an interesting relationship. Usually I get one, use it for a couple weeks, and then I start hating how it makes my makeup look. However, the Beauty Blender Pro doesn't stain as easily as the pink one, and it's more durable- making it less likely to tear.

Seersucker Dress: I fell in love with this dress after seeing it on Caitlin's blog. Seersucker is a preppy wardrobe essential, and this dress is in a classic blue combined with this season's off the shoulder trend.

Bondi Sands Spray: This might be my new favorite self tanner. It's dark enough to give you noticeable color, but won't make you turn orange. Plus, it smells ah-mazing. 

Have you started shopping for the upcoming season?