My Favorite Fitness App

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post! 

With summer vacation starting, I've had a lot more time to pay attention to my workout routine and eating habits. I found about about Lifesum through a You Tube video, and I've been having so much fun using it! 

When you make your account, Lifesum makes a plan for you based on your goals, activity level, and dietary preferences. Throughout the day, I log what I eat for each meal, as well as what I do for exercise. Lifesum will even give your a rating on each meal- a big smiley face means your meal covered each food group!

One of my favorite elements of Lifesum is the water tracker. I'm pretty bad about drinking water, so it's been motivating to check off each glass I have. After having the app for a few days, I've been successfully achieving my goal of eight glasses per day!

Another cool part of Lifesum is the recipes. They offer cool meal ideas based on your dietary preferences- I've been dying to try this avocado toast!

Overall, Lifesum has helped me to be more mindful of what I eat, and really make sure I drink enough water. My goal is to maintain my food diary throughout the summer- and to try some of those yummy recipes!