My Current Workout Routine


Getting used to college life has been pretty difficult. With more free time and even more homework, it's difficult to find some time for yourself. Luckily, I've been finding time to go to my school's gym and get in a workout. With dance team starting soon, I want to be in shape for upcoming practices and performances, so I've been changing up my routine to include exercises that include my full body.

I've recently started using a foam roller during stretching. It helps when I practice my splits, and it's also ah-mazing to release tension from my back. If your muscles have been feeling tight, I totally suggest trying a foam roller next time you're at the gym!

I've also started doing 30 minutes of cardio instead of 20- a simple way to burn extra calories. Typically, I go on the elliptical, but occasionally I will run on the treadmill as well.

Getting some sort of exercise every day is super important, especially in college. The "freshman fifteen," is by no means a myth, but with portion control and at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, it is completely possible to avoid.

Remember, when you exercise, always take it at your own pace, drink lots of water, and slow down if you start to feel uneasy. Also, my inner dance nerd would like to remind you all to stretch before and after you exercise to prevent serious injuries!

Exciting news- Her Campus is hosting College Fashion Week this month in New York and Boston! It is an awesome event to network with other bloggers and college students while finding out more about the upcoming season's trends! Read more and purchase tickets here- I'm hoping to make it to the Boston show!

How's everyone's semester starting out?